Dr. Brad and Dr. Ben are amazing! I’ve had sciatica pain for years and now that I’ve been going to Stowe Chiropractic regularly, my pain is gone. I’ve also struggled with migraines for almost 30 years, but now, with Dr. Brad’s precise knowledge of ridding and healing pain, I’m migraine and headache free. If for some reason I feel one coming on, I can go see them immediately and know I’ll be saved from days of pain. Thank you, Dr. Brad and Dr. Ben! Your work and passion are exactly what people need.

Amy W.

Since I began coming to Stowe Chiropractic I am able to lift my leg without pain and I no longer experience sharp pain in my right hip or sciatic nerve. The pain in my lower neck is gone, along with the sharp pain in my right shoulder. I am able to sit straighter without the constant pain in my right shoulder blade. I can now hear out of my right ear and no longer feel like there is something in it all the time. To date I have not experienced any black outs and my energy level has increased. I am able to perform physical tasks without being in pain and I am sleeping sounder and longer! Thank you Stowe Chiropractic!

Crystal B.

Dr. Ben and Dr. Brad are awesome. Very caring and kind. They care about their patients.

Jessica L.

I have had Restless Leg Syndrome all my life. Also called Willis Ekbom disease. It had become debilitating, by causing me to stay up at night, most nights. Sometimes I would not be able to sleep until 7AM. By using a neurological scan and chiropractor methods, Dr. Rauch has cured, CURED this problem for me. I had tried EVERYTHING!! For me this is miraculous, and I am very grateful.

Dorrit E.

Great service with a friendly staff. Knowledgeable about the work they perform and I have noticed great results with my back in a short period of time. Highly recommend visiting!

Andrew C.

I was very sick and lived in pain everyday, then I was directed to Stowe Chiropractic.
Dr. Bradley Rauch and Dr. Ben Rauch are great! They care about their patients and their health, they also keep up with the updates for the knowledge on Chiropractic care. I’m doing a lot better now since I’ve been having this care.

Ruth B.